Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Storing Scissors in your Frog

Someone on Facebook's Needlepoint Nation asked about storing scissors in frogs.  No, I'm not talking about amphibians, I'm talking florist frogs.  They are put in the bottom of vases and bowls to hold flower stems.  Martha Stewart explains here--

As you will have seen, frogs come in several styles.  The ones that look like a bunch of nails will scratch your scissors, so you don't want those.  Instead, look for the little metal cages or the glass domes with holes in them. Like this--

Many dome style frogs come in pottery versions that are quite pretty.

Or quite unique!

Another style of frog that Martha didn't show is the pottery figure with base holes.  These are intended to be set in large bowls with a few flowers inserted around the base figure.  Some of them are quite charming!

However, you want to make sure the central figure doesn't block the hole so that your scissors won't fit.  I think the bird wing might keep you from using some of the holes in this frog.

This bird frog will work better and it looks heavy enough to not tip over if you insert several pairs of scissors in the base.

This one seems to have nice angled holes which you may find more useful.

I also think you might want to only use frogs for embroidery scissors that are three inches long or less.  By the way, I don't know anything about the Etsy seller who carries a lot of the frogs I mentioned above. This Etsy shop just carries a lot of styles so I used it for reference photos.  It probably is better to roam through antiques places with your scissors and try before you buy.

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