Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Blue Russian and More

Northern Light Santa, Ready for Stretcher Bars!
By now many of you will have seen last night's accidental posting of the announcement that I am about to start blog-stitching Leigh Designs' Northern Light Santa.  The article was set to publish this morning but...!  Hey, I don't explain this stuff--I just blog here!

This morning was full of housekeeping chores related to the design I call Blue Russian.  I started a folder for the stitch guide, I made a color copy and then a black and white copy of the design, I scanned the design so I had a nice closeup of his face for Blog's header.  I posted the photo in the header and accidentally erased the Welcome to the Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure title!  For some reason Blogger is refusing to publish the title on top of the photo.  Rats.  

Hey, I don't explain this stuff--I just blog here!

Guess we will do without a title for a while.  We all know where we are, right?  LOL

By the way, the poll results from yesterday show that three-quarters of you want Northern Light Santa to be finished as a standup.    The voting will continue until Friday, so make sure you cast a vote.  (If the poll doesn't work for you, email me at chilly hollow at hotmaildotcom and I'll keep track of those votes and add them at the end.)  I'm going to shoot off an email to Sue Parsons of West Coast Finishing and ask her what shape she recommends I sketch out for a background to make the best looking stand up possible.  Stay tuned for that.  This is a finisher's busiest time of the year so I may not hear from Sue quickly.   The vote may change later on but we'll have Sue's thoughts about stand ups anyway, just in case.

I'll get him on stretcher bars today and start pulling threads.  FYI, I have attached the full body scan here so you can really see the details of this beauty.  Blue Russian is elegant from the tip of his cap to the bottom of his robe!  Note especially the blues in his silver coronet and staff, and the three silver dot triangular pattern on his robe among the snowflakes.  The color won't be quite accurate--I adjusted the contrast and boosted the colors so you could see the details--but it'll give you an idea of what he looks like in person.  Once again, Blue Russian is 6 inches high and painted on 18 count ecru canvas like all the Russian Santa series.  Here are the others, just for reference purposes.  They are all the same size.

I know some of you are stitching along with me, some of you chose other Russian Santas, and some of you are sitting on the couch with your drinks and popcorn, hoping my ideas will work for your Santa canvas from another designer.  I promise we'll all have a good time!

Before we get settled and start, I did want to mention an e-newletter I got this morning from The Needlepointer.  They are going to have a visit on December 17th from Katie Molineaux, the designer behind the lovely realism of Shorebird Studio.  I'm not sure of the hours yet, but The Needlepointer can tell you if you happen to be in the area.

Don't miss this.  Katie is one of my favorite designers because she does Asian and animals so well.  Seeing her designs in person is not to be missed!

Now, what size stretcher bars do I need?  Where is that box of beads and sequins and crystals?  Ok, is everyone settled in the sleigh?  Got the lap robe pulled up to your waist?  Hold on tight to your drinks.

We're OFF!

Questions?  Email me at and I'll get back to you within a day or so.

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Anne Bloom said...

Woo Hoo! I'm ready!

NCPat said...

Me too! Got my notepad, pencil, popcorn and am ready to go! Might go and get a glass of wine now too! LOL

Jeannine B said...

yea, this is my far!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

It's my favorite so far, too. Let's see how we feel in three weeks, shall we? LOL