Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Toast!

One of the more unusual needlepoint gifts I've seen is Liz's whiskey flask. I'll let her tell you about it.

I think Liz got her flask from Elizabeth Turner Designs, which offers several patterns for the inside.  Liz needed a plain piece of canvas as her design was custom.  Liz told me that the leather wrap is attached with velcro.  She's still trying to find a good way to adhere the NP canvas to the back side of the leather.  If you remove the leather wrap, the needlepoint canvas falls out.  Any one have good ideas on how to do this?  The glues she has tried don't work as they don't bond well to leather.  After all, the canvas has a lot of holes.

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  1. I bet Liz's gift as a real home run. To me, the obvious solution to attaching the canvas is to sew it on to the back of the wrap, following the existing line of stitching around the opening. Recently, my LNS (Needle Orts) had a last-minute finish of a belt, and the usual finisher was totally booked with other Christmas. Debbie sent it to a man who makes saddles, and he finished it absolutely flawlessly, and in record time. Maybe such a person could attach the canvas to the flask wrap.

    1. Good point, Cindy. Here in CH we don't have much but we do have horses, which means feed stores (Orvis!) and tack shops. The next time I'm thinking leather and needlepoint finishing, I'll need to talk to the saddle guys.

  2. Perhaps using the lightweight interfacing that is ironed on, that has an adhesive on both sides, and then using the spray E6000 to adhere the piece to the flask. I have used E6000 adhesive with great success in adhering fabric to metal tins for some cross-stitch finishing (5 years + plus and still attached).