Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hazel's Annual Copyright Rant

Every winter copyright comes to the fore again, usually on the ANG email list. By now a lot of online needlepointers are aware of copyright law and what they can and cannot do, but there are always questions. Usually I tell folks I'm not a copyright lawyer, but I believe stealing other folks' ideas for profit is wrong. Then I send them to this article on Needlepoint Now's website.

Hazel teaches in South Africa and has strong ideas about copyright, having had her work stolen.  (As an aside, I know of an American teacher who stole diagrams and class handouts from another teacher to reuse as her own in her classes, was sued for copyright violations, and essentially put out of business when the lawsuit went against her. ) This is a real problem with real consequences all over the world.  Here's what Hazel has to say.

Now that a dozen questions have arisen in your mind, reread the first link above and then do a little research.  The Internet has dozens of resources about copyright to help if you are uncertain that you are doing the right thing.

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