Tuesday, January 28, 2014

HP Design Inventory Sale UPDATED

The owner of HP Designs retired last year and sold some of their copyrights to other designers. However, they still have leftover inventory in designs that no one else picked up and have some of their lacquer boxes left as well. They've set up a website to reduce the inventory. If you loved their work, check out the leftovers here.  Please note that there are quite a few boxes left.  The ones with prices only have one size left.  The others are in various sizes, so click on the color you like and browse.

UPDATE:  Wanna see what a good box will do to a design?  Orna knows!

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  1. Oh, Jane! Your enabling post once more sent me directly to HP to gaze upon their beautiful canvases and boxes. Once again, my wallet is lighter due to the intercession of the Master Enabler! Thank you!

    1. So you have a new box or canvas? Then my work here is done, Goldy! Poorer but happier is my motto....