Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Want to Take A Class?

If you want to take a class but your local shop doesn't offer them (or you don't have a shop anywhere near you), don't worry--the American Needlepoint Guild has your back.  Head to their website and look at all the various classes you can take online or by mail under the Educational Opportunities tab.  There are a huge variety of classes, taught by some of the most famous teachers in the needlepoint world, just waiting for you to sign up.

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  1. Some shops (such as The Enriched Stitch) will also skype some classes.

    1. True! I think Old World Designs will do FaceTime classes, too, although I'm not certain about that. Still, ANG offers a huge variety of classes without one having to own the latest gadget or use a computer to participate. That's always valuable.

    2. Yes, it's good that we have options as many are not ANG members.

    3. It's easy to forget that ANG membership is required for their classes. I certainly did!