Friday, January 3, 2014

Odds and Ends

You may have noticed that there have not been quite so many postings here on Blog recently. The Needlepoint Blog-o-Sphere has been busy with holiday fun instead of blogging their brains out.  So have I, plus I have a big TNNA deadline looming--eeeekkkk!   This means fewer things to report on, whether they are my own or someone else's.  Sorry about that.  At least I have not started talking about the six month project to reorganize the Monthly Clubs tab so that you can actually FIND something there!  (But it is coming, I feel it.  LOL)

Before I lose all self control and start babbling on that topic, let's go listen to Nimble Needle who has laid out some goodies to spend our Christmas money on.

Then we can go gawk at Mary Agnes' pelicans design.  I have no idea how she managed to find that many wing stitches so that each pelican is the same but different.  Nice job!  MA's been working on this piece at odd moments in the life of a shop owner since September.  This is a Trubey piece, by the way, and exclusive to the shop.

Finally, we can talk new threads.  Anna Scott, former editor of Inspirations, does a lot of crewel embroidery and loves Paternayan which has been hard for her to find.  However, she does have a substitute that she says is quite nice--Strand Mohair Embroidery Yarn.    Because this is a New Zealand thread, it may be quite hard to find here in the USA.  The site says that this is a crewel yarn, a bit thicker than Appleton's crewel.

I managed to find this information about it--it is half mohair and half wool.  The colors are more limited than Paternayan's but of course New Zealanders are used to working with limited supplies since island life means they have to grow their own or import from far away.

Maybe tomorrow my postings will be more coherent.  (But don't bet large sums of money on THAT.)

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