Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today's Valentine's Day.  Mostly my love is of the painted canvas variety but today I'm celebrating St. Valentine's Day with a treat for the counted canvaswork stitchers among us.  I have created two new tabs--one listing all the online shops that have a great variety of needlepoint charts for your stitching pleasure and one listing all the online designers and teachers who have canvas work pieces to purchase.  These went live last night before I headed off to bed.

Since I am not a counted person I've asked for help from my stitching friends to compile these lists and I know they aren't complete. If you have other sources or designers or know of a shop that has a very large range of charts created with canvaswork in mind (I'm not talking cross stitch charts here, but charts for needlepoint) please let me know by leaving a Comment below or emailing me at chillyhollow at hot maildot com and I will add to the lists for you.  Thanks!

By the way, for you counted folks, Laura Perin has a new Valentine's Day Wreath. It's lovely!  It might even be better than chocolate....   No?  You are right.  Second-best, then!

For other new designs from counted folks, check the Winter TNNA tab where I am posting the new items for the Nashville cross stitch market that are counted canvas work.  H

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  1. Thanks, Jane! This is a wonderful new resource.

    1. Good! Glad you are pleased. When you realize I've omitted someone, please let me know, ok? I'm not a counted person so I certainly will have skipped someone important.

  2. Hi, Jane! Thanks for this great resource. There are a some other designers that I know of

    She has added many needlepoint designs recently to her counted cross stich ones.

    Lauren Salt Needlearts (I couldn't find a website, but Nordic Needle carries them)

    Gingerbread Girl

    She designs many different types of needlework, and has several lovely needlepoint designs.

    1. Hello, B! Thanks so much. I'll add the new information tomorrow when I have time.

  3. I remember two more

    Dakota Rogers

    Anna Pearson

    These are charted designs that come as kits.


    1. Thanks, Beth. I should have remembered Dakota Rogers but I didn't know Anna Pearson did counted pieces. Appreciate your help!