Saturday, February 22, 2014

Magic Hat Mystery Class (Meredith Included) UPDATED

M's Canvashouse is teaming up with Share One's Ideas on an exclusive Halloween canvas to be stitched as a mystery class.  The Mystery Magic Hat Class design has five different witch hats in a row, each different and unique.  The class starts in May with a new lesson shipped out every six weeks or so plus messages from Meredith Willet (the M in M's Canvashouse) who is creating this mystery experience for you.  Alas, there is no photograph on their website but if you email the shops, I bet they will send you one to see the starting point.

UPDATE:  More about the class.

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  1. Vicky at MostlyNeedlepoint has a picture of this on her blog.

    1. I know. I have it bookmarked to update this article with tomorrow morning. Thanks, though. I might have missed it, you never know.