Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Color Cards

One of the best tools anyone who has to mail order threads can own is a set of color cards for your favorite thread. I treasure my DMC color card and use it often when I need a certain color.  (All I have to do is tell the shop I want to mail order a pink silk floss as close to DMC #3713 as possible.  They will pull out their DMC color card and inspect their wares for a match.)  So I was thrilled to see very reasonably priced color cards for sale at Fireside Stitchery.

This got me hunting for more color cards.  Here's what I dug up.

By the way, EPiC yarn has an online color selector.  Kreinik also has online color cards as does Rainbow Gallery and Caron but these all are a bit chancy to choose colors from, so I am only listing the EPiC tool since it's brand new to me.

I'm sure other shops carry color cards.  I just ran out of time to hunt.  If you are a shop owner who has these in stock, please let me know in the Comments below or by emailing me at chillyhollow at hotmail dot com. I'll add your contact information or website or Facebook page to the list.

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NCPat said...

My shop just got me the Vineyard Silk Classic color card and is was very reasonable. Since my memory is poor I don't remember exactly how much but it came very quickly!