Sunday, March 30, 2014

Danielle's Tools. Totes and Tips

Danielle has posted a wonderful article on her Vera Bradley tote bag storage system, hints about using thumb tacks and the tack puller to attach canvas to stretcher bars, and how she labels her plastic thread bobbins.  She also talks about how she folds her pattern and uses a magnet to attach it to her canvas and more.  Great information!

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  1. Like Danielle, I'm a Vera Bradley fan, so was interested to see what model she chose. I have, um...3...VB diaper bags purchased for use as stitching bags. All were in like-new condition, purchased for $10 or so at our church's annual kids' consignment sale. They work very well indeed, and even hold my Baby-Z lapstand. An added bonus is that they're vinyl-lined, which is a good thing in case of rain.
    Another "baby thing" very handy for stitching purposes is a nursing footstool! I think mine is made by Medela. It's low & slanted, and raises the knees just enough to take pressure off the lower back. Good for when you'll be stitching for a long period, and not so heavy that it can't travel to classes or retreats (in a different VB diaper bag, heehee).

    1. Cindy, looks like you and Danielle are twins! Enjoy your wonderful purchases and the nursing footstool. For a while a folding footstool was available that my friend the Queen of Stools uses a lot because she is short. It makes any chair wherever she stitches comfortable for her. sounds a lot like yours.