Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ashland Sky Changes Hands

Ashland Sky has a new owner--Leigh Designs!

If you follow the link to their website, you'll see the various sizes and colors of these project and tool bags that are available.  I have three of these, ranging from the shoulder strap size where I store my very largest pieces, to the medium size which will hold a lot of threads and maybe a stitch guide, to the small tool tote size, which I use for a quick trip carry all.

These durable bags are really good for long term storage (as long as you are not in a really humid climate as they don't breath) or for a trip where you want to be sure everything is safe.  I also love the fact that the company hires the disabled to assemble the bags.  There aren't that many programs for folks who have handicaps who want to work, but Ashland Sky's original and new owners make sure that this is one.

Disclaimer:  I do a lot of stitch guides and models for Leigh Designs which has distributed these project bags for several years, but I don't think this has colored my review of the Ashland Sky bags.  They are really good project bags.

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