Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boston Strong (with Manatees)

I missed posting canvases celebrating the spirit of Boston during the Boston Marathon earlier this week but the Boston Strong theme is always relevant.   Wellesley Needlepoint has two ornaments that are fund-raisers.

Here are two new canvases about Boston and sports.  (When I lived in Boston the most popular sports were baseball, football, hockey and politics.)

Congratulations to Boston and the marathon runners!

Speaking of fund raisers, Robin King, Charley Harper and EGA's Sun Region are getting together during their regional seminar (second link).  If you live in Florida or Bermuda, make sure you include this EGA event in your plans for early May.

Manatees are a favorite of my husband's from growing up in Miami and The Keys.  They are amazing gentle animals and much loved in our household.

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  1. Hi Jane. Thanks for the blog link about the Manatees and the Sun Region EGA event. Your voice is appreciated. Spring hugs to you and all in Chilly Hollow.

    1. Hugs back! Is it spring yet? It was 37 when I got up this morning....