Monday, April 28, 2014

More Russian Santa News

Forever Green Russian Santa
Those of you who admired Carolyn Taggart's Forever Green Santa (above) from the Leigh Russian Santa series will now be able to pick up Carolyn's stitch guide for this beauty!  Carolyn has written a thirteen page guide full of diagrams with a full color photo of the finished design to help you understand what to do.  Each stitch suggestion has a terrific graph, there is a full photograph of the completed Santa, and a supply list of threads and other items Carolyn used.  Price of the PDF version is $20. Price of printed version sent by snail mail is $25 plus $8 extra for postage/shipping and handling.

To order, contact Carolyn Taggart through her Facebook page.  If you don't do Facebook, send me your email address and I'll message it to Carolyn via Facebook.  I am at chilly hollow at hotmaildotcom.

By the way, Vicky DeAngelis is working on her Holly Hills Santa.  Here is the latest.  Those reds and golds are gorgeous!

Becki at Enriched Stitch is working on her Golden Maiden, too.  Again, the colors are beautiful!

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