Monday, April 21, 2014

Patty's Blue Russian (and More)

Patty's Blue Russian Done!
This morning I have another wonderful finished Blue Russian to share, this time from Patty.   Her Blue Russian is special to me because Patty has to mail order her threads and she waited patiently while I got far enough in stitching my model so that she would only have to order threads once.  I appreciated that!   Patty's Russian Santa varies a little bit from mine in that his blue eyes were made from one cross stitch over one with a very light blue #4 Kreinik metallic and she used Brian’s Steppe Stitch to create the snow under his feet.  This gives him both a solid grounding and an intense expression.  He's now on the way to the finisher while Patty puts the Forever Green Russian Santa on her Evertites and starts thinking stitches and threads.

In other Russian Santa news, since the May 2014 issue of ANG's Needle Pointers magazine is in the mail, I can reveal that I wrote an article about choosing threads and stitches for painted canvases in this issue, using my Blue Russian as the example when I explained how I go about picking just the right stitch or thread.  I've already been asked if I will post the article here.  I think ANG won't allow that--although I will ask--since they want people to join the organization, but there is an article on how to stitch a painted canvas written by me several years back on their website and freely available already.  If you read through my public blog-stitching of Blue Russian here and read this, you will have a lot of information about how to tackle a painted canvas.

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