Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finished Needlepoint on Display

This morning I have some wonderful pieces on display by their proud designers. Let's start with Barbara Bergsten's wonderful show of finished Lily Pultizer-style shift needlepoint pieces. Barbara's customers have done done her proud!

Next are the terrific models from Eye Candy which Needle Works displayed in their shop during a trunk show by Ada Hayden. Charmed?  Click on the Eye Candy title at the top of the page and start exploring.  Ada often posts great photos of her finished pieces.

My final treat is a slide show of the many rug designs Jan at Thread Medley has adapted to needlepoint over the years.  Word Press won't let me comment to beg her to leave the slide show up, so I will post this right away so you don't miss the show.

Pour your favorite beverage and linger at the above for a while.  There is a lot to see, enjoy and analyze.  Better than an art show!

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  1. Jane, Thank you for putting up these links! It's the best to see our designs stitched!

    1. You are welcome, Barbara. Thanks for sharing the photos in the first place. I love how your designs (and Ada's and Jan's) turned out! Nothing is more inspiring than finished pieces.