Monday, May 12, 2014

More Russian Santas

Susan's Birdland Santa

Fans of the Leigh Designs Russian Santas should be smiling all over this morning as I have two more finished examples to show you. Above is the Birdland Santa.  This charmer was stitched by Susan M. using Brian Shaw's Steppe Stitch for a snowy ground under Santa's feet and Carolyn Taggart's idea for the golden brown robe.  Here is the diagram for Brian's Steppe Stitch once again.

Here is Carolyn's detailed description of her Birdland Santa, the basis for Susan's robe.  By the way, since Carolyn posted the information below, she has written a stitch guide due to popular demand--complete with nice stitch diagrams--for her version of Birdland Santa.  If you are interested, contact Carolyn Taggart via Facebook or let me know at chilly hollow at hotmaildotcom and I'll pass the message along to Carolyn.

The second Russian Santa I have to show you isn't actually a Santa.  It is the Russian Golden Maiden companion piece that is an exclusive at Enriched Stitch.  They are doing a Russian Santa club at the shop and talked Leigh into designing a lady to go along with all those Ivans.  This has been stitched by Becki Gebhart.

If you want to purchase the canvas and guide of Golden Maiden, contact Enriched Stitch.  She is available without your having to join their Russian Santa club.

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