Saturday, May 3, 2014

Top Secret: Introducing The Imari

Leigh Designs has announced their new series for the May TNNA show--the Imari!  You can read about them on the Leigh website, then click to see them all.

Basically, they are all 10 inches square on 18 count and based on traditional Imari porcelain patterns.  Each is a circle within a square, which allows for corners where you might use fancy stitches, place your initials or just work some restful basketweave in your favorite thread.  You can also just frame the circle alone and cover the corners with your mat or fabric for a pillow.

Above is my current favorite, the Timeless Tiger.  I love them all and I am stitching one.  No, I'm not telling you which one yet, but I'l drop a big hint tomorrow.

Those with sharp eyes will have seen two of the Imari framed at the Leigh table during last night's opening, courtesy of Amy Bunger who took this photo and posted it on Facebook.

Those with really sharp eyes will have noticed the three Russian Santas standing around.  My Blue Russian is on the right and Sandy Arthur's two Russian Santas are on the left.  West Coast Finishing made them up into standup figures using white fabric on the backs and similar bi-colored trims around their edges.  You can't tell but there is sparkly fabric under each canvas to add more shine.  When it comes to Christmas, you can't have too much shine or your stitching won't hold its own with all those lights.  Your shop can order the canvases and the guides for these handsome fellows when the trade show opens today.

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