Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Leather Finisher Recommendation

Come to the Point's latest e-newsletter recommends Lund Enterprises in Pennsylvania as a great place to turn those belt canvases into sandal straps. Lund has very specific requirements to do this which Michele outlines in her newsletter. 

Your local shop will have to talk to Lund about your specific project as it looks like they don't deal directly with the public.  It also looks as if they design canvases.  My favorite from the Sign Gallery is above since this is just how I feel this morning--and most mornings!

I highly recommend Michele's newsletter.  It is always interesting.  You can sign up to get it (usually about weekly) at the Come to the Point website.  The link to do so is right under the blue address of the shop in the upper left corner of their home page.

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