Sunday, July 6, 2014

Two Needlepoint Rugs on Silk Gauze

I'm a fan of silk gauze. When you see Natalia's progress report on her two needlepoint rugs on silk gauze, I think you might become a fan, too.

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    1. You are welcome! Stitch faster, won't you? I can't wait to see these finished! Are you framing them or using them in a miniature house?

  2. I am preparing for the Chicago International Dollhouse Miniatures show that will be held next April. Many rugs are in progress and for sale, the French Savonnerie is a commission for an Italian collector. I also have been commissioned by the Dollhouse Miniaures Museum in the Check Republic to make a couple of rugs from the Dutch paintings. I loved that commission because I had to make a lot of research to identify the rug on the table, chart, find the correct colors and of course stitch. They have a page on FB, if you scroll down you will see a Transylvania rug on the table, A lot of fun!

    1. The little table rug with its long fringe is amazing! The colors are wonderful and the pattern amazing. The needlepoint designer SharonG was well known for her silk gauze pieces back in the 1980s. Occasionally you find some of her silk gauze rug charts on eBay. I am lucky enough to have a few of those. They are really pretty but then I am a sucker for silk gauze. Thank you for showing off more of your work. Can't wait to hear about the Chicago show and see your Dutch painting rugs.