Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Hand Painted Silk Ribbons from Planet Earth

Orna Willis has added the new silk ribbons from Planet Earth Fibers to her Etsy store. She's including them in her thread and bead packs.  Another new silk ribbon, you say?  Why is that big news?  Because the edges of these ribbons are hand painted to have a different shade to them, making them unique.

If you'd like to see the colors Orna has, visit her Etsy shop.

Apparently these ribbons come in solid or tonal colors.  The tonal colors come in three widths:  4mm, 7mm and 10mm.  The solid comes only in 4mm.  I think the "tonal" ribbons are the ones with the hand painted edges but it is hard to tell from the Planet Earth site.  Regardless, this is worth exploring if you want a little zing in your silk ribbons.

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Sara Leigh said...

I picked up a few cards of these at my LNS, Waste Knot Needlepoint in Arlington, VA, so people should check with their LNS to see if it's also carrying this line. The ribbon seems to be a grosgrain and looks like it will hold up well to needles. Though there are not that many colors as yet, they are gorgeous! And I don't even use ribbon. Hahahaha.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Good to know, SL. Also good to know that you are a threadaholic. (As if I didn't realize that already!) We expect to hear you've tried this out soon, pretty please.