Thursday, August 14, 2014

So What's It Like In Embellishment Class?

Since I live so far from any shop and have never taken a canvas embellishment class, I was surprised to hear that they have several formats.   Robin King hints at how she runs embellishment classes here in her blog posting about her trip to Peacock Alley in Michigan.  Looks like she does a guide for everyone in class and they go over the stitches used in class.

Robin promises more photos from the class once she gets home and unpacks (and crashes).  Until then, we can get more glimpses of how Robin's class went from Diane who was lucky enough to be one of The Nine.  By the way, the anti-tarnish needle minders apparently will be more widely available in case you want to polish up your needles.  (I never use mine long enough for this to be a problem but I have acid hands.)

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