Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Taking Advantage of Fyre Werks

If you have ever used Fyre Werks you know it is ultra-sparkly and it starts to separate into its filaments at the drop of a hat. That didn't stop Linda from using them, though. In fact, these two things made Fyre Werks the perfect thread for her Fourth of July firecracker!

This is a David McCaskill design, by the way.  If you are interested in Fyre Werks, here is more information on the colors and finishes available.  The "soft sheen" colors are less sparkly and the "holographic" colors are really really sparkly.  It's a great thread, just not exceptionally easy to work with.

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  1. Hi Jane, The Thread Zap works great on the Krienik Holographic threads. It seals the ends together.

    1. Thanks, Tisha! Good to know. Do you still have them in stock at NP Tool Time?