Monday, September 1, 2014

Breaking News: Beth Robertson Is Gone UPDATED

Whether you ever met (or even heard of) Beth Robertson or not, your stitching is better because of her. She collaborated with Suzanne Howren on the Stitches for Effects books, with Ann Caswell on the Thread Thesaurus, and with Suzanne,  Meredith Willett and Tony Mineiri to create the Fab Four teaching team. She also was part of SHEAR Creations and the Thread Technique Team (T3).   I'm sad to say I've heard several places this evening that Beth has died.

Here is a bit more about Beth.

If you have a Facebook account you might like to leave condolences on their SHEAR Creations page.

UPDATE:  Online Obituaries!/Obituary

UPDATE:  Tony says goodbye.

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  1. Beth Robertson was brilliant. So glad to have known her. Thanks, Jane for this tribute.

    1. I do wish I'd met her. She had quite an impact on our world behind the scenes.