Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Newsletter and a Mystery UPDATED LOTS

The October newsletter for Bedecked and Beadazzled is out, full of class news plus the reveal of the Christmas mystery class Ruth Schmuff will do.  That Ruth is always full of surprises!  Who would have thought a Christmas stocking would be one of her mystery pieces....

UPDATE:  Here's a better look at the Tapestry Fair stocking.

UPDATE #2:  Ruth works three background areas, all using the same base stitch.

UPDATE #3:  Ruth works the tree with silk gimp--and reveals how to use this thread.

UPDATE #4: Ruth works the leaves and explains how the variety of stitches for them evolved.

UPDATE #5:  Ruth works the pears.  I think the only thing unfinished is the little partridge himself.

UPDATE #6:  The little partridge (and the stocking) is done!

UPDATE #7:  Two of the stockings finished with fur cuffs--elegant and different!

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