Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Profile of Brigid Berlin: Straight from Andy Warhol's Studio UPDATED

The online publication New York Social Diary, has published a profile of Brigid Berlin, who was part of Andy Warhol's Factory.  Both Carol and Sophie mentioned it on Facebook, so I captured the link and did a little research on her life.  Socialite and little rich girl, she morphed into quite a character, doing drugs and overeating obsessively  creating odd but compelling art, and making films, then settling down with pugs and needlepoint. You'll love the pillows and rugs in the pictures!

Sadly this is an older article so the needlepoint exhibition mentioned was in 2008.   Here's  bit about it.  She loved to reproduce covers of the New York Post in needlepoint but as you can see, she also loves to create pug portraits and lovely floral designs.

UPDATE:  Who would you like to stitch with?  Himmmmm.  Sylvia Sidney, definitely.

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Anonymous said...

What a fascinating lady...wouldn't it be fun to have a stitch-in with her for the day. My favorite quote is: "…I don’t want one of anything. I don’t know what the word ‘one’ means." I relate to this but don't we all!