Friday, October 3, 2014

Messy Beading and Fiesta Beading

Meredith Willet, one of the most inventive needlepoint/bead mavens on the planet has done it again.  She's come up with an easy beading style that she apparently calls Fiesta Beading.  Pour a variety of beads into a containerm grab one at random and attach it with the tent or reverse tent or straight stitches that attach beads oriented any way you like.

Messy Geading is another invention of Meredith's (at least she named it).    UPDATE:  A kind reader reminded me that messy beading is Julia Snyder's invention.  My apologies!

To do messy beading, you come up with your needle where you want beads, add some beads to your needle, and go down again a bit away from the hole you came up in. Repeat until you fill the area to be beaded.  The loops you create go every which way and look very pretty.

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  1. The messy beading is a technique brought to needlepoint by Julia Snyder...