Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Timeless Tiger is Traveling

Timeless Tiger from Leigh Designs' Imari Series

As you can probably tell from the change in the background, my Imari tiger piece is finished.  He is traveling to the Leigh Designs studio where he will be framed as a model. If you are a shop, you can visit him in Phoenix in January at the TNNA trade show if you stop by to tell Leigh and Robert hello.  I'm putting the finishing touches on the stitch guide right now, which is available from Leigh when your shop orders the canvas or you can get it directly from me if you aren't a shop.

He was a great deal of fun and at only six inches in diameter, he only took me about five weeks to finish, even though a lot of what I did in terms of needle felting was experimental.  I imagine if you stitch almost every day you could finish him in about a month.

Another View of The Tiger

Despite all the beading and the needle felting, the bulk of this classic design was done in basketweave, diagonal mosaic and brick stitches.    I wanted the tiger and flowers to look as if they were coming alive from a flat Japanese Imari plate so the majority of the design needed to be basic and flat to contrast well with the dimensional tiger and flowers.  Do you think I succeeded?

If tigers aren't your thing, check out the rest of the Imari series.  It comes in two sizes, both on 18 count canvas.


A rumor has reached me that Sandy Arthur will teach the Flaming Fowl at TNNA. If you aren't a shop owner going to the trade show, there are at least three other stitch guides available for these beauties.


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  1. You've stitched a "roaring" success!

  2. You absolutely succeeded!

  3. This is stunning....very clever selections and it really does just lift off the background and come alive. It's amazing. :)

  4. LOL Thanks for the nice (and funny) compliments, folks. I'm glad you like the Imari tiger.