Friday, November 28, 2014

Brenda's Stitching Post (with Floor Frame)

Brenda has a snug stitching nest in her home and kindly posted a photograph of it for us to see.

I have the same K's metal floor stand that she does and although you can't see it's flat metal plate base, you can tell that it will fit right under her love seat/recliner.  Knowing just how a floor stand will work with your favorite stitching chair is the biggest clue whether you will love it or regret spending the money.  Hopefully this photo will help you make up your mind whether to ask Santa for the floor stand you've been eying or not.

Here is a diagram of the K's metal stand so you can see the whole thing.  Brenda has a different clamp and doesn't have the wooden tray to hold various items that you see in this photo.

Hope this gives you an idea of whether the K's metal stand will work for those of you in the market for a floor stand.

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  1. This is the same frame I use too! The ghost is looking great!

    1. I think the K's metal stand is fabulous myself. I love mine. The ghost is almost done, by the way. I'm doing the last special touches today.