Monday, November 3, 2014

The Blue Russian Has A Companion

Natasha and Ivan
Surprise! The Blue Russian has a companion piece!   Well, actually all the Russian Santas have companion designs.  Leigh Designs calls them The Winter Maidens.  There are eight Russian maidens, all the same size as the original Russian Santas (six inches on 18 count mono).  Leigh Designs just announced them on their website.  You can see all the new Winter Maiden designs here.

The Snow Maiden has BLING

I stitched the Snow Maiden, who is the most like the Blue Russian Santa.  You can see her above, either by herself or paired with the finished photo of my Blue Russian.  Both models will be hanging out at the Leigh Designs booth at the January trade show for the shops to visit.  

My stitch guide for Snow Maiden will be available shortly.  Guides for Silver Bells (Pat Miller),  Pretty Poinsettia (Sandy Arthur) and Woodlane Belle (me)  are in the works and should be available by the January TNNA show.  

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  1. I didn't realize they were only 6" tall....they seem so much taller in the photos. They are certainly a handsomely sparkly pair.

  2. The original Santas and Maidens are only 6 inches tall. I added a border underneath mine and some background at the top so they could be made into stand ups for display so mine are roughly just over 7 inches tall. The canvases are very delicate and detailed which the photos don't show well.

  3. She's lovely, Jane! So sparkly!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. She's even more sparkling in person. Cameras don't see metallics and silk sheen very well and they are blind to sequins, crystals and beads. All of which Natasha has lots of!