Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Free Four-Way Christmas Tree Pattern UPDATED

Kimberly has gifted us with a free chart she designed for Rainbow Gallery in 1999. Some things are classics and this four way Christmas tree with a star on top is one of them.  The little pattern between trees looks like an angel to me.  Hope you have time to stitch one or two of these for next year during the football games and after holiday relaxing time.

Thank you, Kimberly!

UPDATE:  Kimberly has posted a photo of another color ways of her free four-way tree pattern. Neat!

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  1. Good Morning Jane!
    Can you believe were coming up so close on the close of another year. What a great one it's been.
    Thank you for being so supportive of the needlework industry!

    1. Where does the time go?! I am happy to be supportive of the industry that brings me fun each and every day. Here's to a terrific 2015 for us all!