Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Create A Sampler

Lorraine of Color Complements took Jo Christensen's book and her own hand dyed threads (but you can shop your stash) and created an original sampler of stitches. She taught herself new stitches, discovered ones she liked and would use again, and created something very pretty.   It's pretty easy, too!  So grab one of your stitch books and see what you can create.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
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  1. Thank you Jane! I learned a lot but there are SO many more stitches out there!

    1. That's true. There are a ton of stitches to explore and use but that's part of the charm of needlepoint for me. You aren't going to run through all the possibilities in a few months! Keep up the good work. I am eager to see what you come up with next.