Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Snowball Fight!

Suzanne of the Hugs and Stitches blog just hit a home run with her latest canvas from Scott Church Creative/CBK. It's a squirrel caught in the middle of a snowball fight!

She got the dimension of the piece just right, balancing all the heavier elements like the tail and scarf and snowballs with heavier background and ground stitches.  Nothing really outshines any other part so that the entire design is unified.  This is the kind of thing we stitchers aim for--every bit is perfect and works with every other bit.

There isn't anything I don't love about this piece, from the beaded dimensional snowballs to the fluffy turkey work tale to the hand knit silk scarf.  Here is the original Scott Church needlepoint canvas, just to help you see how Suzanne brought this to life.

Congratulations on perfection, Suzanne.

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