Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Make A Christmas Ornament in Four Easy Lessons

I know Christmas is past but I didn't have the time to post Mary Corbet's instructions on how to make an easy but colorful Christmas ornament during the week before or the week of Christmas. I already had too many fun things to post then. So I waited until after the holidays so we can start the new year with a new project for 2015. This doesn't have to be a Christmas ornament, after all. Perhaps your office bulletin board needs an ornament in the company logo colors? Or maybe you just want something decorative to hang on a lamp or door knob. Whatever your desires, Mary shows how to create your own embroidery ornament from start to finish here. At the very least you can use the assembly instructions to make up a round ornament you have already stitched.  Have fun--and Happy New Year!

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