Friday, January 16, 2015

The El Morocco Pillow

The El Morocco Pillow

I was wandering around eBay this week, trying to find a reference to a type of vintage fabric I am interested in, when I found this pillow on eBay.

A needlepoint pillow from the El Morocco Club?  What on earth was THAT?

Thanks, Wikipedia.

The pillow appears to be all wool and tent stitched.  I would guess it's from the 1960s but I really have no idea and the club closed in the 1950s so I must be off by ten years.  I imagine the pillow and other memorabilia the eBay seller is offering came from the September 2014 auction of the club owner's collection.  I took the liberty of grabbing a photo since the auction will end before this article publishes.

Enjoy a bit of New York City nightlight history in needlepoint form!

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