Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blinding You and Other Blog News

This is what was plastered all over the background.

I wanted to remind Blog's readers that new items are still popping up several times a day under the "TNNA Winter 2015 Phoenix" ta.  Designers who haven't updated their website now have time to do so and the shops are posting new canvases that they ordered from the show on their website, blog or Facebook page.  Just click on the tab to check on the latest, which will be on top and highlighted in red.

As you probably can't help noticing (since you have to wear sunglasses to look at Blog!) I've also updated the background image.  This is a closeup from my current piece for Leigh Designs--Sultry Outback from her brand new Jungle Heat series.

The pictures aren't there to blind you--they are there to show off a new thread I've been playing with. If you look at the three yellow flowers, you'll notice that two are outlined and one isn't.  The couched outline is Painters Threads' gimp, which is a rayon cord a little smaller in diameter than size 5 cotton perle.  It looks a bit like DMC's memory thread, but smaller and it isn't bendable wire. It's just slightly stiff to bend.  It comes in all the usual Painters Thread colors which are a mix of overdyes.  I used the orangish MaryC.

This Etsy shop has some nice closeups where you can see what the thread looks like.  I think it would make awesome surface stitches (French knots, oyster stitch, cast on stitches, or lazy daisy stitches).

It also made my yellow flowers look like appliquéd fabric, which is the look I was going for.  Thank you, Painters Threads!

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  1. Love the gimp! This looks like a keeper!

  2. I used the PT gimp to outline a border on a small canvas and loved it! I haven't used memory thread, but this was very easy to use.

  3. Thanks, ladies. The gimp was easier to use than memory thread in a way because it was more flexible. On the other hand, the memory thread will bend into position and stay that way. I had a long coil of gimp on my lap as I couched it into position.

  4. I really like your use of the gimp. I picks some up a couple of years ago and found it easy to use and the transition in colors a very nice way to provide depth in the couched thread. Love Painter's Threads of all kinds but yes, for this application, especially the gimp.