Monday, February 23, 2015

Collaborating with Barbara Elmore

Barbara Elmore and Carolyn Schmitz) have collaborated in turning Ms. Schmitz' artworks into needlepoint canvases for classes taught by Barbara at the EGA Seminar.  Here is how the process went from the artist's perspective and the canvases that Barbara will be teaching over the next year.  Fascinating!

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  1. I believe that you mean Barbara Elmore! and not Carolyn Hedge Baird

    1. You are right! Eeekkk! How'd I manage that? Want to be my editor, Vicky? No? Yes, that would be too much work! Keeping dyslexia at bay and jump starting my brain is way too much work when one would rather be stitching!

  2. My apologies to the Carolyns and Barbara - makes the Canvas of the Day especially appropriate, doesn't it?