Monday, February 23, 2015

Southern Shops have STYLE

This morning I've been browsing the Needle Bug's online store.  I'd love to actually BE in Montgomery, a city with style and charm, but online shopping is the next best thing.   Right?  Check out the Snazzy Beading Kit.

How about a Needle Drop magnet to corral all your needles?  I have no idea how it works exactly but it is really cool looking!

How about the Chic Nine Inch Tool Pouch?  You can take that thing anywhere and be the most fashionable tool wrangler EVER!  (and it is on Sale--the Southern Belle's favorite four letter word)

How about a dragonfly scissors fob from Bead Soup?

Those are just the accessories!  (Every Southern gal needs the right accessories.  It's right up there with sweet tea and homemade biscuits when it comes to the necessities of life.)

Wait'll you see the 33 pages of CANVASES!

Excuse me, y'all.  I've gotta go shopping....

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