Sunday, February 8, 2015

Harikuyo 2015 UPDATED AGAIN

Today's the Japanese festival of Harikuyo which honors our needles. Susan has special plans to celebrate.

UPDATE:  Stay tuned for what Susan has planned!  I'll add the link once it goes live.

Me, I am too exhausted from celebrating NP Nation's Fourth Birthday to start making a new needle book.  Instead I will do what I always do on February 8th.  I will take all my old needles out of the pill bottle where I keep them, wrap them in aluminum foil, and then use pretty wrapping paper and ribbons to wrap the foil packet. Then I will ceremoniously put them in the trash.

Where would we be without our needles that have served us so well?  Thank you!

UPDATE #2:  Carol-Anne had an amazing needle adventure in Japan.  You will enjoy this.

UPDATE #4:  More about Carol-Anne's purchases.

UPDATE #5:  Carol-Anne's sewing kit - I want one!

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