Saturday, February 28, 2015

What Blog's Been Up To

Periodically I post about what I've been doing with Blog and with the CH Stitch Guides blog.  After all, none of us have enough hours in the day, so keeping up with the "furniture rearranging" I do on my two blogs is not something you are likely to do.

Recently talented stitchers have posted about needle felting they learned in class on Facebook's Needlepoint Group, so there have been lots of questions about books and videos on needle felting needlepoint canvas.  Sadly, there are no such resources.  (At least right now--Robin King, I'm looking at YOU!  Get that video camera rolling!!!!)   There are lots of needle felting videos but they are all about needle felting onto sweaters or wool felt purses or about creating needle felted 3-D animals with the single exception of Amy Bunger's "How'd You Do That" DVD  that has a passing reference to it.  That's not really what folks are looking for.  So I did my best to collect all the needlepoint--needle felting information into a tab here on Blog.  You'll see the tabs running across the top of the page just under the header.  Click and there it is!

I've also made a new tab for the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog that has contact information for stitch guide writers.  If you know so-and-so wrote a guide for that fabulous project you own, visit the stitch guides blog (Just click on the magic carpet photo in the right hand column of Blog and Poof! You are there!) and look for that tab at the top of the page under the rabbit geisha header photo.  Hopefully I have accurate and current contact information for everyone, but if you spot an error or know about a guide writer I haven't listed, please let me know.  You can add a comment here or if Blogger doesn't let you comment, just email me at chillyhollow at hotmail dotcom and I'll post the comment for you.

I've also been updating the tab for Classes and Events so folks know about great exhibits or classes in their areas (these are listed by date) and have been keeping the Monthly Clubs and the TNNA Winter 2014 trade show tabs up to date as new items and clubs are listed by the various shops and designers.  Keep an eye on those because if folks stop visiting those areas, I'll remove the tabs eventually.  You may not have a lot of free time but I don't either.  I can't afford to maintain Blog items that no one uses.

Those are the main things I've been doing lately, if you do't count shoveling snow.  Hope these changes are helpful to you.

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  1. Dear Jane, Thanks for all that you do to promote and support needlepoint and needlepointers. Your blog is wonderful!