Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why We Love Petei Santas

If you have ever wondered why folks love Petei's little Santas, Stephanie will demonstrate their charms for you here.

If you want more eye candy, just head over to The French Knot's website and look at their display of Petei Santas.  All these have stitch guides available from Diana Bosworth.  Just ask French Knot to help you with guides.

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  1. Hi Jane - just a note to let you know that I did follow your advice from the FB NN inquiry when I asked for a "fireman" santa and I did contact the French Knot and they couldn't have been nicer. Not to mention I got the canvas on their sale - YEAH! Their stitch guides for the Petei Santas are very reasonable and I am awaiting the arrival of my little guy. Hopefully my dad's fireman tree will have a new Petei next year. Thanks for all you do !!! Melody

    1. Great news, Melody! I hope you have fun with your fireman and Diane's guide. She's really talented.