Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blog Spring Cleaning

Just wanted to let Blog's readers know we are starting to get online postings of new items that will premiere the end of May at the TNNA trade show in Columbus, Ohio.  I've moved the tabs around to make the Columbus trade snow tab earlier on the listing but I'm still updating the January 2015 trade show tab. I'll continue to do that until April 1 when I'll start putting notices of new things into the Columbus tab exclusively. Just FYI. 

There are a ton of new stitch guides being announced on Facebook.  Those are placed in new articles on the CH Stitch Guides blog. Hopefully even those without a Facebook account can see most of them. You'll have to click on the link to know for sure, though.  You know the drill--click on the magic carpet photo in the right hand column to go there to see all the latest guides (or the ones I just heard about).  Then you can click on the magic carpet photo to return to Blog.  

I am considering more spring cleaning for Blog that that needs to wait until I have more time to tinker behind the scenes!

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