Monday, March 2, 2015

NOW I understand! (Jeff Kulick) UPDATED

Jeffrey Kulick's "Deconstructed Log Cabin"

I've been watching Blog's stats and wondering why on earth my articles about Jeffrey Kulick are suddenly popular. The question was answered when the March 2015 issue of Needle Pointers magazine arrived today.  Jeff's "Deconstructed Log Cabin" design is on the cover!  There's a very nice article inside showing several versions of this piece in an amazing assortment of colors you will enjoy.

UPDATE:  Jan of Thread Medley is stitching this piece and talking about how it is done.  I thought you'd like to hear what she says.

Jeff's "Deconstructed Log Cabin--Hot Version"

If you want to see more of his original work, visit these old Blog articles from 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Some of the links to Scarlet Thread are dead now that the shop has closed but don't worry, you can still email Sara Leigh who charted and distributes some of Jeff's designs for him.  She's at

"Halloween Abstract" Closeup

You can pick up his "Halloween Abstract", two of his "Notebook" designs, "Deconstructed Log Cabin", and "There's a Garden in My Bargello" from her.  Don't miss the interview with Jeff that is still available to read on her blog.

"There's a Garden in My Bargello"  - Original Colors

You might also be able to find some of Jeff's charts at Needlewoman East in Falls Church, VA.  You can reach them via their Facebook page or by calling the shop.  I've run into Jeff several times buying threads there.  (We are usually the only folks standing in line buying threads and nothing but threads.)  He's a sweetheart, even if I do hate him for being so talented!

The photos are all courtesy of Sara Leigh, by the way.  Many thanks to you and to Jeff for creating such lovely designs and then sharing some of them.  (And if you are going to Woodlawn Plantation's exhibit, see if you can find more of Jeff's work there as he usually sends something.  There may be something new and fab waiting to surprise and delight you....)

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  1. The weather is not cooperating with Woodlawn so far. Canceled yesterday and today because of dangerously icy roads. Sigh. Both Jeff and I have entered pieces. Of course, that means I won't be winning any blue ribbons, competing with Jeff. Hahahaha.

    1. Too bad about the cancellation but it's really bad outside where I am, so they are doing the right thing. I can't wait to see your work and his, assuming the weather cooperates and March ushers in spring!

  2. Good morning, Jane, and thanks for the nice things about me. And, yes, I have pieces at Woodlawn -- three this year -- exploring some older designs with new threads. I think you'll like the results. Thanks, Jeff

    1. Jeff the Threadaholic strikes again! Can't wait to see! Thanks for allowing me to brag on you. Keep up the good work and get busy charting. Your fans want MORE. Hugs!

  3. These are such wonderful designs! Thanks for updating us on the where abouts!

  4. My pleasure. Jeff is one talented guy and I'd like to see his work more widely available. There are so many counted stitchers looking for great stuff just like this!