Monday, March 30, 2015

Remember to Stretch

Needlepoint for Fun has a wonderful section on their website about exercises and ergonomics for stitchers that will help you avoid problems with your stitching posture, overuse of your wrists, arms, shoulders, etc.  It's so good I added it to the "Yoga and Ergonomics for Stitchers" section of Blog, which is on the right side, just under the koi pond.  I suggest you visit these links occasionally to remind yourself of ways to keep from hurting yourself during those long stitching sessions in front of the television.

Barbara Bergsten gave me the idea when she got her yoga instructor to write up some stretches for stitchers.  I added her two articles first, then added more links as I stumbled across them.  After all, our bodies are our most important stitching tools and we need to care for them well.

Thanks, Barbara.  Every day without pain is a good day!

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