Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Rehoboth Exhibit Interview

Thanks to Brenda, I have a link to an interview the local paper did about the Rehoboth Beach Museum's needlework exhibit.  Unlike many news stories, the reporter actually talked to the local ANG chapter members about the exhibit and took a few photos of their stitching.

The exhibit opens today, March 14, and runs until May 10.  The admission fee goes to supporting the museum.  If you happen to be in Delaware this spring, don't miss the show!

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  1. Hi Jane, Thank you for posting this--it helps to get the word out about the exhibit. There are a lot of beautiful pieces entered this year.

    Brenda's Needlepoint Studio Blog

  2. I love the comment about a woman who is "amazingly" finishing a beautiful piece begun in 2003! Nothing amazing about that amount of time in my world!

    1. Come to think about it, that's not unusual in MY world, either! LOL We definitely need more free time to stitch! Thanks for the laugh, Mom55