Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Twirling With and Without Threads

Ruth Schmuff is known to always add bling and to prefer light coverage stitching, both of which are in full play on her latest mystery class, "Twirl" from Amy Bruecken/Ruth Schmuff.

If you want to try light coverage stitches yourself, you need to be aware that there are things you'll have to do differently.  I summarized the challenges of tying off stitches on the back when you are using light coverage here.  Ruth dodged the entire issue herself by not stitching most of her background but since I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable with that option, so here are my tips if you are a "Kate" instead of a "Ruth."

Regardless of what sort of stitcher you are, it doesn't hurt to try new things occasionally.

UPDATE:  Here is Twirl all finished as a standup and also framed, by the way.

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