Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reviews of The Needlepoint Book, 2015 Edition UPDATED A LOT

The advance copies of Jo I. Christensen's updated version of The Needlepoint Book are starting to arrive at selected shops' and lucky bloggers' doors.  Here is what Sue has to say.

Needle in a Haystack in California got an advanced copy also.

Randi of The World in Stitches has been writing down thoughts on Facebook as she reads through her advance copy.  If you have an account, check this out.

As other folks write about the book, I'll update this article.  (No, I haven't been sent an advanced copy although it is very flattering that folks think I might be important enough to get one.)


Janet Perry also got a review copy and here are her preliminary thoughts.

Here is Janet's expanded review.

Sheena does a compact but thorough review of what you'll find between the covers of the book.

Kathy at the Unbroken Thread talks at length about the "Choosing Stitches" chapter in the book.

Liz Morrow of LizArt loves hers!

Gay Ann Rogers added a mini review to her home page.  Since she changes her website a lot, this is likely to disappear soon so make sure you check it out quickly. loves the eBook and hard copy for different reasons.

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