Sunday, April 5, 2015

Whiskers for the Easter Bunny

Linda's finished stitching her Japanese Bunny. Look at those whiskers! Who knew one ply of floss would be perfect?

I'm sorry, I don't know the designer but Linda stitches great rabbits.  Here's another.

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  1. These great designs are Melissa Prince Designs - and they might be Patricia Sone stitch guides

    1. Thanks, Kirstin! Appreciate the help identifying the designer and any stitch guide involved. We like everyone to get proper credit!

  2. Deborah HubbardMonday, April 06, 2015

    They are splendid whiskers!

    I found four little pictures years ago in a cross-stitch magazine: four seasons, each with a cat of a different colour. Spring = grey tabby on a fence with yellow and purple flowers; summer = orange tabby among orange flowers being flown at by a bee; autumn = regal black cat on a huge orange pumpkin (not very South African but who cares?); winter = white longhair sitting in the snow, looking up at a bird in a bare tree (not SA either!). I did them for my daughter, who still rotates them according to the time of year. DMC wool on 10-count ... but I did all the whiskers in DMC stranded cotton so they looked really glossy and alert. I was really pleased at how they looked - I love whiskers.

    Deborah in cool autumn, about to bath the dog

  3. Never occurred to me that typical seasonal designs are so North American-centric! But I imagine your daughter loves them regardless. The cotton whiskers on the wools sounds like a fabulous contrast.