Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tentakulatum UPDATED

From Leigh Designs' Jungle Heat:  Sultry Outback

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the huge range of overdyed products available from Tentakulatum on her blog.  I absolutely adore their Painters Thread overdyed ribbon floss, but most of the rest I've never seen except for the gimp, which is amazing for couching a thin line around a flower petal, say.  You can see their gimp in action in the photo above, outlining my flowers.

From Leigh Designs' Lil Goblins:  Katie

Here's their overdyed ribbon floss as hair.  You can't see the gold flecks (cameras are blind to metallics) but the yellow shading into golden brown is just one thread with many colors.  Take a browse through this website and see what other fun things you can find for your canvas.

UPDATE:  Here's another shop that carries these threads, highly recommended by Tess.

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  1. Did you know that Waste Knot, one of your LNSs carries a variety of the Painters Threads? (Just had to get some sneaky enabling in.)

  2. NO! I did not know that! Thanks for the tip, SL. Five enabling points to you, she said as she added Painters Thread ribbon floss to the shopping list....