Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ann's Hero (or Should It Be Heroine?)

Ann shares her visit to Hardwick Hall, home of the amazing Bess of Hardwick, in her blog.   Besides being Mary, Queen of Scots' co-jailer with her fourth husband, Bess also was Mary's fellow embroiderer, the second richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I herself, and a shrewd businesswoman.  You know, she is a very impressive woman.  I think perhaps she should be one of my heroes, too!

You can see more of Bess's tapestries and embroideries here.

Here is a video about four of Bess's large female virtue hangings which will be conserved and returned to Hardwick Hall.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Luv the Wild Yellow Iris too!

  2. My pleasure. I love our stitching ancestors! As for those late to the party, Pat likes the Canvas of the Day which was the late Katie Molineux's Wild Yellow Iris. Here's the link. You'll have to copy/paste to see it. I can't make links clickable in comments.

  3. So lovely of you to share my piece about Bess. She was such a fascinating character. If anyone ever invents time-travel, it's Bess I'd go back to talk to! Ann x